English Chat Box

This is the best place to build friendships and cultural understanding across the Pacific without needing a visa and airfare.

You will see Native Speakers directly and speak with them in real time. You can log on from where you want when you want. Aussies are enthusiastic to meet you and help you develop competency in communicating in English. This will challenge and push you to invest in building on your vocabulary and tuning your listening ability, conversational speed and pronunciation. This will enable you to get beyond your shyness and start to impress your friends with how well you can carry yourself without the need for an interpreter. 

You will meet men and women of all ages who have unique experiences in work, travel and social contexts. They are eager to share with you stories, phrases, useful vocabulary, effective questions and other skills that develop your ability to initiate, interact, clarify, negotiate and guide conversations in English.

Our interface is a space not just to share face-to-face communication but also supports for learning such as audio files, cheat sheets and live presentations and explanations. The more time you spend in English Chatbox, the more addictive it gets! Before you know it, you will be speaking English naturally and fluently.