For Business

Going international is no longer an option but a necessity. Perhaps you’ve already done your best to employ staff who can communicate in English, but it isn’t all you expected it to be. Something is missing: staff confidence.

Have your leads grown cold or have you lost customers because your staff couldn’t manage transactions properly in spoken English?

What a difference better communication skills could make for your business. Staff confidence and enhanced skills at prediction and negotiation are just a click away.

With English Chat Box, your staff will know how to attract, engage and keep International clients. We tailor spoken English programs to suit your business, whether that be in product production/sales or services. Your staff will learn how to market your offers, manage quality control, open and close a sale as well as provide memorable high quality service to your clients, and that is going to help you stand out from your competitors.

Our tutors are trained in generating relevant conversations around Industry and market trends. They are ready to help your staff with vocab building, pronunciation and understanding that remains fresh and effective for smooth transactions face-to-face, on-line or over the phone.