For Leaners

So you can read and write in English, but speaking terrifies you.

It’s embarrassing isn’t it… those moments when you can’t quite say what you want or worse, you say the wrong thing entirely!

Need more confidence in English? Would you like help from a native speaker? Would you like more opportunity for direct conversation in English?

English Chat Box provides you with native speakers to practice your English skills and develop fluency in conversation.

We have programs for expert English in real life contexts to enable you to have those interactions that will win you respect and engage smoothly.

For example, you are working at a counter and a customer has asked you for advice on selecting the best deal and you are able to explain in clear detail the pros and cons of each of the options. This helps them feel comfortable, safe and included in decision making. It also avoids bad attitudes that can arise when something is not explained properly and the blame for the inappropriate choice falls on you.

It’s crunch time! In a short while, you will be travelling overseas to study abroad. You have worked so hard to make your parents proud. But they don’t know that grades aren’t everything and you need to survive in a foreign place far away from home. Why wait till you’ve landed in an English speaking country with difficult to understand accents? Start preparing your ears and your tongue now.

Register today for two free sessions and see if it’s for you—you won’t regret it! Just think, in the near future you could have more clients, more sales and more friendships through improved spoken English.