For Tutors

Need some pocket money? Not keen on doing Rideshare? How about chatting? What if you could earn money just for having a chat?

We are looking for native speakers of English who are able to set aside some hours in their week to talk with someone online and get paid.

Perhaps you are a college student and could do with that extra money but don’t want to have to prepare anything and just want to go online for a few hours and earn some cash.

We are looking for enthusiastic and responsible individuals who are able to time-manage and factor-in online appointments.

You will be helping students and professionals overseas to improve their spoken English.

Register with us today and undertake our simple training session.


First session would be an introductory session with basic conversation on the topics of neighbourhood environments, household/family structure, daily habits and leisure activities.

Second session conversation will focus on language around a relevant vocation, for example Hospitality and Tourism. The chat doesn’t have to get technical. You would just be sharing likes, dislikes and casual thoughts to help them build their vocabulary and confidence in pronouncing new words in context.

English Chat Box will provide you with supporting scripts to keep the vocabulary on point.

Nothing should get too personal. English Chat Box conversations should be light and enjoyable. Your student should learn ways to…

  • Request the repetition or slowing down of information
  • Clarify that they have understood something
  • Ask a variety of useful questions
  • Take notes from the conversation and request the spelling or explanation of a word
  • Build vocabulary in their relevant area of employment

By becoming an English Chat Box tutor, you will be helping people in the Majority World access better education and employment opportunities that will bring economic relief to their families and also make the world a better place through sharing respect and kindness across the seas.


Our current students are adults from around the world and seek to build their professional competency. English Chat Box is not a dating agency and it is not a proselytizing tool to convert people to Western Culture or a particular religion. Therefore, sexual conversation, political opinion and religious opinion must all be politely evaded. We have reporting measures in place to ensure that our students overseas feel safe and respected at all times and any violations of the terms of agreement would result in immediate termination of contract. In the future, some of our students may be minors so we expect you to be comfortable with providing a working with children/criminal background check should that be requested for compliance purposes.