How it Works


We get it, you’re busy. That’s why we have designed our conversations to fit in with your time.


You can choose a time that suits you any day of the week.


Register for an English Chat Box experience. Selected your purpose for learning and a test will run to assess the appropriate level.


Enroll in the appropriate session from the list available. Expect a reminder close to the time your conversation will begin. Click and prepare to join.


The app will prompt you to test that your audio is working. A tutor will orient you to the interface and your first Chat box experiance will begin.


After the introduction, the tutor will continue to ask you to speak in English. There will be an opportunity for you to request new vocabulary and get help with pronunciation.


Enjoy meeting new friends and hearing yourself sound more and more like a native speaker. Pride yourself on what a great decision you have made and show your boss, family and friends what a great communicator you are.